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Excellent Reviews

Optimum Pool Service is proud of the rave reviews we receive from our clients. Jump over to Home Advisor to read just a few of them and while you’re there, we welcome you to leave a review of your own.

Kathleen S.

“Naciem and his crew are THE BEST! My pool looks fantastic! I love the fact that they are so friendly, capable, and dependable. I will ALWAYS use them for all my pool needs!”

Debbie Q.

“Absolutely, positively worth the money. After a 3 1/2 week hawaiin vacatioln, I came home to a swamp and no matter what I did, could not get it clear. Naseem came in with his crew and in 1 week I had paradise in my backyard once again. My pool is crystal clear and sparkling blue. Thank you Naseem. I would highly reccommend this company.”

Dana C.

“Naceim is so friendly and does such a great job getting our pool together. He’s reliable and professional. Thank you!!”

Josh C.

“I hired Optimum Pool Service to open my pool. Naciem and his staff exceeded my expectations in every way (price, service, communication, professionalism). There was a mechanical issue that needed to be addressed in addition to the opening. Naciem resolved everything efficiently and cost effectively. In addition to his professionalism, Naciem takes pride in his business cares about his customers, and is a good human being. I highly recommend Optimum Pool Service to all. It was a pleasure dealing with them.”

Christina B.

“Naciem and his crew were great when opening my pool. The cover leaked and therefore it took awhile to get things up and running but they were here pretty much everyday for an entire week even on a Sunday evening. They brought in an extra filter and left it overnight to speed things up. They even brought up all of my the pool floats and toys to the pool deck. I would highly recommend this company!”

Katherine M.

“Naciem was amazing! We needed a pool inspector for a potential house purchase and Naciem was able to help us out of a difficult last minute situation. The other pool inspector that we had lined up cancelled on us last minute. We would not have been able to reschedule the inspection given that we live far from the house and the existing homeowners were being difficult with their time. So we called Naciem. He was able to squeeze us into his schedule with only 2 hours notice and was incredibly gracious about helping us out. We would HIGHLY recommend Naciem for any pool services. He not only explained what he did for the inspection, but gave us a very thorough report of the deficiencies that he found. Also, he helped explain what we would need to do as pool owners in the future.”

Michael D.

“Naceim is always reliable and patient with all questions!”

Anne H.

“My ratings are based on my experience with Naciem when we first spoke and a couple of subsequent conversations. He was courteous, interested and professional. With the cover off our pool and the water nearly clear, I can say that so far everything that he said was accurate. The crew that came out yesterday seemed to be knowledgeable and they were certainly neat and solicitous. Even better, Naciem followed up to check on things within a couple of hours of the initial opening. I have owned a pool for twenty five years and worked with many different pool companies. I have never had such a good experience as I have, thus far, with Optimum.”

Kevin & Nicole S.

“Naciem is an absolute honest, wonderful businessman. He is on time, fair and respectable. I absolutely cannot say enough wonderful things about his professionalism and would recommend his team services any day of the week. I will NEVER use another pool company! You should not either!”